Same delight, easily, quickly and healthily!

Today, your pace of life is fast and the time you can spare for the preparation of meals is scarce, still your need for a healthy diet is great.

Surely you seek a solution that is super nutritious and, at the same time, super handy!

In 3alfa we know that you love legumes and you want them in your diet. Perhaps you are someone who would like to try them out for the first time but hadn’t had the chance until now or do not know how to cook them.

For all the above reasons, 3alfa had the drive and the expertise to create for you a new product range of ready-made legumes, etoima fysika! (ready naturally!), prepared in the most natural way in order to preserve all of their nutritious ingredients and to offer the healthiest and easiest solution to your daily diet, at work, at home and at all your activities!

Ready-made legumes, steam cooked, a natural source of vitamins, trace elements and vegetable protein, which can be consumed as a healthy snack straight from their bag, as an addition to salads and wraps, as a side dish and in every other way imaginable!

A new page in the history of legumes has begun… from 3alfa, naturally!

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