etoima fysika! from 3alfa

Whether you already love legumes or you just want to try them for the first time, we created a new product range guaranteed to meet the 3alfa quality standards. Enjoy… etoima fysika! (ready naturally)!

Learn how you will enjoy them

έτοιμα φυσικά! small lentils

One of the world's oldest cultivated legumes, cooked with the most modern way, ready to enjoy! Try them in a quick soup , with boiled vegetable broth and herbs.

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έτοιμα φυσικά! blackeye beans

With an earthy and savory taste,  always delicious , every time you open a packet! Prepare a super healthy salad jar with favorite vegetables and the blackeye beans for your office lunch break!

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έτοιμα φυσικά! red beans

With a delicate, buttery taste and texture, ready to add color to your dishes  and enhance your Mexican recipes!

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έτοιμα φυσικά! large chickpeas

With their nutty flavor and creamy texture, they are the best choice for a healthy snack between meals!

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100% Natural way of preparation without preservatives or coloring agents

Steam-cooked to adequately preserve all vitamins and trace elements

Packaged without water to fully preserve their nutritional value

4 loved kinds of legumes, which constitute a source of plant-based protein

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